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"Environment to Grow"
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The Environment to Grow

  By RF Garman

  Copyright  2006-2007  RF Garman  



It is the morass that claims detritus,

traps the messy particles of

waste and peculiar artifacts of a past that,

if allowed to stick around,

create all too painful blockages,

choking next growth before it can be born.

As with faith found, filters, plants and cleaners come,

clearing remnants left such that the overwhelming majority

of them grow fat and full with yesterday’s news until,

gradually, through process and pain, love and evolution,

new birth occurs and change evolves as

prior excess is torn down and carried away.


From sitting water comes movement.

First slow and staggered swirls,

enough to liven surface as sunlight warms,

baking top floaters for feeders to move up from bottom

and open pathways until a current,

life force and changing Heraclitus like,

with one step into new waters,

quickens pace with motion

carrying the next elements and waste away until,

like some sort of manifest destiny,

waters are clear and currents move,

in the newly born stream of life’s giving love.


This harmony, from which courses flow

as only continuity can be flux through careful time,

sweeps sediment, sentiment and the sting of sacrifice.

The waters, eventually so clean and crisp, that ravine like,

razor edges develop and banks fill up with grass and seed and other life

drawn downstream and to the sides,

building a plateau

upon which fresh ferns and those sweet smelling high grasses grow.

The kiss of ladybugs, insects, birds and a wide range of fragrant flowers,

lavender and others,

gently flirts with breeze blowing until meadow sits next to stream,

a union of life lived together and difficulties overcome.




I am, and continue to be, though I don't always understand why.