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"A Glance for Cummings and You"

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A Glance for Cummings and You

  by RF Garman

  Copyright  1997 RF Garman 



Somewhere you have never envisioned though after

any  experience, of heart which lost tones:

your most circumspect arias enmesh me,

a voice whispers in my ear of falsehoods you conceal.



Your slightest glance easily has undone me

though I have fastened myself as a hungry hope of future,

you reveal loudly, passionately, a pain as trials subside

 (tasting masterfully, mysteriously) your first free day.



Though you have left me to feel without those senses

my life will sing empty though beautifully, suddenly,

as when the morning of our first encompassed

the dark covering, everywhere naught, temporarily as spirits free.



Nothing which we are to believe in this world equates

the power of your frightened denial;  tincture

color betraying reality not seen, compromise not sought,

you bring forth sadness and suffocate opportunity listening to whispers in your ear.



I did not anticipate this life you have cast,

the stones which do forsake, could heal through us.

Deeper than all failings, yearning to grow old, find for yourself

a space that is yours, and not just another, separate place. 


I am, and continue to be, though I don't always understand why.