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Live at Robin's Philadelphia Schedule - November, 2007

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Live at Robin's Philadelphia Schedule for the Month of November, 2007:

Friday, November 2, 6pm - Bi-Lingual Poetry Event

Bi-Lingual Poetry Event

with Esteban Moore, Awilda I. Castro Suarez, Rick Kearns-Morales, Iris Violeta Colon Torres - Coordinated & Introduced by Craig Czury, Hosted by Justin Vitiello, Bi-Lingual Open Reading to Follow

Esteban Moore - (Buenos Aires, 1952). Poet, translator, journalist. Awilda I. Castro Suarez works as a newspaper editor for La Voz www.digitalvoz.com in Reading, Pa. Rick Kearns-Morales (aka Rick Kearns) is a poet, freelance writer and musician based in Harrisburg, Pa. Iris Violeta Colon Torres is a freelance writer, lecturer, and performing artist for over 15 years.

Saturday, November 3, 3pm - Fiction

Jamie Malanowski

author of The Coup ($22.95 Doubleday)

"With cheerful malice aforethought, Jamie Malanowski takes a scalpel to the soft underbelly of Washington's kings, queens, and other not-so-nobles in a work that might be titled 'The Federalist Papers Meet the Three Stooges.' If his story seems too bizarre, too improbable, then you haven't been watching the news lately." -Jeff Greenfield, Senior Political Correspondent, CBS News

Saturday, November 3, 6pm - Poetry

Vittoria Repetto, Rosemary Cappello, Janet Mason, and Maria Fama

Vittoria Repetto's first poetry book Not Just A Personal Ad has won accolades; "Poems of intense sensibility and gorgeous imagery are a rarity these days; but this book of verse by a distinctly working class, distinctly lesbian, and distinctly Italian American voice is a must for all readers of good poetry." Rosemary Cappello's poetry has been published in numerous journals. Janet Mason's literary commentary is regularly featured on This Way Out, an international gay and lesbian radio syndicate aired. Maria Fama is the author of three books of poetry. Her work appears in numerous publications and has been anthologized. In 1998, she was named a finalist in the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards.

Tuesday, November 6, 6pm - Poetry

Moonstone Poetry Series Presents

Election Night Poetry

With Marion Bell, Angelo Colavito, Richard Bank, Tree Riesner, Lili Bita, Bob Zaller, Niama Williams, Justin Vitiello, who will also read an excerpt from Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech on voting rights and choices. Hosted by Justin Vitiello, Open Reading, everyone is invited to read on this issue

Wednesday, November 7, 6pm - Fiction

Andrew Beierle

author of First Person Plural ($15.00 Kensington)

In this frank, imaginative novel, Beierle, Lambda-award winner and author of Winter of Our Discotheque, takes readers on an unforgettable journey into the lives of conjoined twins with very different desires.

Thursday, November 8, 6pm - Fiction

Teri Woods

author of True To The Game II ($14.99 Grand Central Publishing)

will pick up where True to the Game left off-- with one difference.

Friday, November 9, 6pm - Poetry

Joseph Sulier', Joe Wetteroth, Jim Swill, and Mathieu Paul.

GET BORN! - four writers from the St. Louis hardcore punk scene gone beat-inspired poets, a tour of readings spawned from the Get Born event series at Duff's in STL (same venue used by Burroughs, Ginsberg, etc. way back) and the Get Born zine.

Saturday, November 10, 6pm - Fiction

Selah Saterstrom and Elizabeth Rollins

Selah Saterstrom author of The Meat and Spirit Plan ($14.95 Coffee House Press and Elizabeth Rollins)

Selah Saterstrom is the author of The Meat and Spirit Plan a dark first-person tale of youthful initiation by Mississippi-born Saterstrom ("The Pink Institution") follows a feisty narrator from public housing in a backward Southern town to the sodden grit of university life in Glasgow.

Elizabeth Rollins has published in Green Mountains Review, The Boy Bedlam Review, The New England Review, Tarpaulin Sky, GW Review, The Bellevue Literary Review, PMS, The Philadelphia Citypaper, Washington College Magazine, and The Redwood Coast Review.

Sunday, November 11, 2pm - Group Event

Children's Ink:

Celebrating Children's Authors and Illustrators for Children's Book Week

Sunday, November 11, 6pm - Group Event

Anne Elizabeth Moore

author of Unmarketable: Brandalism, Copyfighting, Mocketing, and the Erosion of Integrity ($15.95 New Press)

What happens when the very tools that the artists and activists have used to build word of mouth are co-opted by corporate America?

Monday, November 12, 6pm - Fiction

Don Devine

author of Jane: A Flight to Freedom ($14.95 Cold River Books)

Jane follows the adventures of a young woman on the Underground Railroad and explores the attitudes and actions of people in both the North and the South

Tuesday, November 13, 6pm - Non-Fiction

Paul Buhle

co-author of A Dangerous Woman: the Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman ($17.95 New Press)

There is probably no one in the world that knows more about the history of American radicalism than Paul Buhle. A former member of Students for a Democratic Society and a disciple of CLR James, Buhle founded the journal Radical America as well as the Oral History of the American Left archive at New York University.

Wednesday, November 14, 6pm - Non-Fiction

Stephen L. Gibson

author of A Secret of the Universe: A Story of Love, Loss, and the Discovery of an Eternal Truth ($26.95 Truth-Driven Strategies)

This is the story of two high-school pals from the Midwest for whom a personal tragedy sets in motion a journey of inquiry that spans a lifetime of cruel and glorious twists, and culminates in an astonishing discovery.

Thursday, November 15, 6pm - Memoir

Walking in the Footsteps of a Stone Giant

by Iron Thunderhorse presented by Tom Big Warrior

Tom "Big Warrior" Watts, Lenape Historykeeper, Founder Red Heart Warriors Society, friend of Chief Iron Thunderhorse, Quinnipiac Renapi, Medicine Chief of Red Heart Warrior Society. Iron is a political prisoner/POW incarcerated in Texas who has been struggling for American Indian spiritual rights inside the Texas prison system for more than 30 years.

Friday, November 16, 6pm - Non-Fiction

Richard Shelton

author of Crossing the Yard: Thirty Years as a Prison Volunteer ($17.95 University of Arizona Press)

Ken Lamberton

author of Time of Grace: Thoughts on Nature, Family, and the Politics of Crime and Punishment (17.95 University of Arizona Press)

"Far more than a "prison memoir," it is an intimate and revealing look at relationships--with fellow humans and with the surprising wildlife of the Sonoran Desert, both inside and beyond prison walls." Richard Shelton is the author of Crossing the Yard: Thirty Years as a Prison Volunteer "Richard Shelton does good time in Arizona's unnatural wonder, its prison system. Read this book and learn how we have all failed ourselves and our fellow citizens."

"Biologist Ken Lamberton sees so keenly and writes so gracefully, it's nearly impossible to stop reading him. That we locked him up for a crime that pits our very biological urges against our avowal to be ethical mammals makes this book even more irresistible. Its revelations, accusations, and deep humility jar us into rethinking multiple human messes we make, and to honor--or envy--his redemption."

Saturday, November 17, 2pm - Fiction

Tom Tancin

author of Man in the Moon ($12.99 Destifire Books)

A small college town terrorized by the murder of college couples calls on the services of Detective Lindsey Scott.

Tuesday, November 20, 6pm - Poetry

Women's Ink Presents:

Philadelphia Sunny aka Sylina

Sharing poetry from her debut CD Sometimes the Sun Shines at Night

Hosted by karima wadud, Open reading to follow.

Tuesday, November 27, 6pm - Poetry

Moonstone Poetry Series Presents:

Dan Collins and Jim Mancinelli

Dan Collins has been a performing poet with the grassroots collective Compassionately Stoneground Books. Jim Mancinelli is a Philadelphia poet, schooled in the alleyways of South Philly, listening to Italian folk tales, looking at people upside-down, and freed by a beat with a beat.

Hosted by Justin Vitiello, Open Reading to follow

Wednesday November 28, 6pm - Reading

Dr. Niama L. J. Williams

Dr. Niama L. J. Williams is a poet, essayist, memoirist and adjunct professor of English with a Leeway Foundation grant, inclusion in an NAACP Image award nominated anthology Check the Rhyme, and participation in a Sable Lit Mag/Arvon Foundation writing workshop.

Thursday November 29, 6pm - Jazz

Harrison Ridley Jr. on Max Roach: Percussionist, Composer, Activist

Harrison will discus who Max was influenced by and who he influenced; his relationship to the Black Arts Movement; His influential recordings; the Max Roach- Clifford connection; and a rare interview with Dizzy and Max.

Friday, November 30, 7:30pm - Photography

Michael Grecco

author of Naked Ambition: A Rated Guide to the X Industry ($40.00 Rock Out Books)

A fine-art book that offers an unabashed peek under the silken covers of the multi-billion dollar pornography industry, the Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas.



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