What Houses In Mississippi?

A Quandary | The Family Research Institute

If a court of law makes a finding of fact
that the sky is green,
does this make it true?
If finding of fact is shown to be untrue
in the plain and simple understanding
of the world outside its courtroom,
does this fact remain a fact?
Can there be a truth in law
and a truth in life?
Could they both be true and valid
if they contradict one another?
If the legal system defines a fact
which only has truth
within itself,
does this make it truth?
What if this "Legal Fact"
is contradicted by the truth
and facts of the world
in which we live?
What if the system
is so corrupt
that it cannot
admit its own failings?
Where does courage live
when the forces of presumption
and so-called respectability
make it inconvenient and difficult
to shine the light of reality, through
the darkness of narrow-minded
human falsehood and ambition.
How to prove a negative ...