Tasty Production Services

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Tasty Production Services

Tasty Brains Production Services provides specialty consulting for live, recorded and touring events.
We work as a principal and as a consultant to create effective methods to produce, operate and profitably complete live and recorded events.
Our expertise in interactive media gives us the added scope to be able to see the breadth and depth of a project.  We are detail fanatics and we track the moving parts in complex productions.
We deploy interactive media to conceptualize and then implement effective content broadcasting and distribution. 
We develop, produce, manage and support live event and recorded media content.  Often we develop content broadcast and distribution plans for the internet and other syndication outlets and then assist our Partners and Clients with the implementation.
Our co-development services provide partnership opportunities to content creators and promoters in order to make media available for live and on demand broadcasting.
Our development projects include touring and original programming for live event and on demand broadcasting.  Typically, original programming is distributed through our Tasty Broadcasting Network affiliate and other channels.
For more information regarding our development services or to inquire about our original programming, please email:  info@tastybroadcasting.com