Tasty But Shameless Self-Promotion

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We proved our technology in

some of the most intense situations imaginable:




When the Iranian Ex-Patriot Community wanted to get messages of support

to their Compatriots protesting the 2009 elections,


The Tasty Brains provided the means to take their message to the streets of Iran. 



We set up an encrypted encoding system using our own specialty codec.  Broadcasting live from The Bowery Poetry Club in New York, we sent our feed to the Iranian people through their mobile phones.  As they took to the streets so did we ... virtually. 


As we broadcast, our servers got attacked.  In an all-to-important game of cat and mouse, we routed the feed, bouncing the transmission off one server after another in order to stay ahead of the assault. 


We are honored to play a role in these, and other, moments.


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