Bowery Poetry Club Broadcast August 6, 2009

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August 6, 2009

Dada artist Kurt Schwitters's classic "Sonata In Primeval Sounds," also called "Ursonate," is performed by Ursonate Urchestra with special guest vocalist Bob Holman.

Ursonate Urchestra is: Andy Laties and Rebecca Migdal on vocals, with percussionist Eric Blitz, and invented-instrument-makers Mitch Ahern and Pronoblem, plus sound-art troupe Glove And Parachute John Landino,
Denis Luzuriaga, and Glove).

The "Ursonate" performance begins at 8pm, and is preceded by a 7pm free-music jam, featuring

Glove And Parachute.

Published in 1932, Kurt Schwitters's "Sonata In Primeval Sounds" is the granddaddy of sound-art poems: an hourlong nonsense opus that develops 26 abstract themes in classical sonata format. Andy Laties's rousing participatory interpretations were honored in Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art's major "Art In Chicago 1945-1995" retrospective.