Family Research Institute Initiative

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The Family Research Institute Initiative was created to research, observe and provide empowerment tools that promote positive change in the family court system. 
We believe that family life, in all its forms and persuasions, is a sacred union of peoples.
We believe the family court system is fundamentally flawed and results in increased tension and damage to all principals.
We believe the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, in its current form, is neither effective nor stringent enough to bring about real legal reform.  As such, we work to bring about meaningful evolution and significant increases in levels of accountability for legal professionals.
With a focus on building a better method to address contemporary family issues, we seek to re-design and re-orient the antagonistic methods of the current family court system. 
The Family Research Institute is particularly interested in those cases where individuals have experienced significant difficulties in areas such as child custody and equitable distribution, and have suffered traumatic and destructive life changes, as a direct result of a divorce process.


May we achieve a healthy family environment for all