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On Saturday, Dec. 19th Sanders gave a reading from his new Coffee House Book: Let's Not Keep Fighting the Trojan War.

The blizzard was kicking into high gear, with a foot of snow
on the way. Words on Ted Berrigan, Sappho, and Ed strumming acoustic bliss.

He has been called a bridge between the Beat and Hippie generations
and wrote his first major poem, Poem from Jail, on toilet paper in his
cell after being jailed for protesting against the launching of nuclear submarines armed with nuclear missiles in 1961. Sanders hitchhiked to New York City's Greenwich Village in 1958 to attend New York University where four years later he founded the avant-garde journal, Fuck You/ A Magazine of the Arts and opened the Peace Eye Bookstore (at 383 East Tenth Street in what was then the Lower East Side), becoming a gathering place for bohemians, writers and radicals.

In 1998, Sanders began work on a 9-volume America, a History in Verse.  The first five volumes, tracing the history of the 20th century, have been completed and published in a fully indexed CD format, over 2,000 pages in length. His book Let's Not Keep Fighting the Trojan War: New and Selected Poems 1986-2009 Poems by Edward Sanders was released earlier this year by Coffee House Press.

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